Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kale Chips!

I like kale. Kale is a versatile green that is CHOCK FULL of tons of great stuff for your body. See below: 
So are you eating your kale? No? Why not? Oh, you don't know how to cook it? Well shoot. There's lots of ways to eat kale. I kept hearing about kale "chips", and I thought, hey, that sounds easy. Imma give it a try. The one complaint I heard was that they didn't have the right seasoning. Last night, I decided to try something, and it was pretty dang tasty. Behold, the best kale chips ever.

Laylan's Kale Chips!
1 bunch of kale, washed & dried, ripped into bite size pieces
Olive oil
Weber Steak Seasoning
Drizzle olive oil onto an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet.  Put your kale on top and toss to coat. (Turn it over a couple of times so that the ribbony edges have a little olive oil on them). You don't want too much olive oil, or they will be greasy, and a little goes a long way! 

Once they are coated. shake the steak seasoning over the kale so that there's a little bit on every piece (Also- a little goes a long way here, too!) Then do the same with salt. (Salt is optional, but I prefer it a little saltier). 

Bake at 325 for 15-17 minutes. The edges of the kale will be brown and crispy. You can eat them hot or put them in tupperware and eat them for a few days! 

These were a hit at my office and my coworkers were sneaking them out today and popping them in their mouths!