Monday, July 23, 2012

New Colloborative Blog: Seize the Day

I've spoken sporadically about Adam's seizures, but as they have increased recently, we have decided to start a seizure and TBI related blog together. There we'll write about therapies, triggers, and chronicle the seizures that he has. Hopefully we can unravel the mystery together.

Please join us for this part of our lives. I believe that Adam can live his life seizure free!

Seize the Day

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where are you going, and where have you been?

Five months ago, I found myself lost. A loss of identity, a loss of job, a loss of happiness, or so it felt. I remember thinking that I had hit rock bottom at that point and that I was so desperate to be out of that rut, no matter what it took. I didn't know it at the time, but the loss of that horrid job was the beginning of my transformation. It was the biggest blessing in disguise. I'd been yearning for a change, but I didn't expect it to come in such an unpleasant and uncomfortable package.

This experience tested my relationship, my mental sanity and my friendships. Most, but not all, came out unscathed, but all were changed in the process. I wasn't exactly the most exciting or fun person to be around during this time. There were a lot of tears and a lot of irritability. Sometimes though, our battle scars show where we've been and that we've weathered the storm.

But, as you know, this story has a happy ending.

Nearly three months ago I accepted a position that has brought me great joy. I love my new coworkers and the everyday work that I get to do. I've emerged from this with more confidence than ever before. A deeper happiness that I've ever known- as if everything has aligned perfectly. 

One of the best things to come from this experience is my relationship with Adam has deepened immensely. I no longer fear what could happen because I know he'll take care of me. In our relationship, I oftentimes find myself taking care of him- cooking, cleaning, etc. But during this time, he was my rock- returning the favor when I was at my lowest low. It was during this time that we truly realized how much we love each other, and our relationship is stronger than ever. The two of us are the greatest team. We pick up each other's slack, we work together to solve our problems, and we accept each other for the person we've each become. 

Life is good now. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in this life, but what I've realized the most in the last five months is that life could always be worse, so instead of dwelling on what you could have had or should have said, we should treat each day as a blessing and trust in yourself and your support system to lift you up when your life is rough.

I predict great things on the horizon. :)